435 N. Robinson St., #557

Sheridan, IL 60551

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Your child will be picked up at our door and will ride the Unit Two school bus in the morning, with return via school bus back to us for after-school care. Before and after school care includes a nutritious breakfast served at 7 AM before boarding the school bus, and a snack after school.


Younger children will enjoy exploration play while older children will have a chance to work on any homework with help from our experienced staff. We are also proud to offer a large fenced-in playground at our center, allowing your child to enjoy the fresh air.

Before and after school:

Summer fun days include age-appropriate activities that keep your child's active mind engaged and challenged throughout the day, along with the large playground designed to help facilitate gross motor skills and coordination.


Scheduled activities include puzzles, number games, word games and other exciting options. We will also take trips to the library so your child can find great new books to check out. Special trips include an afternoon movie, special lunch, or other events!

Summer fun days: Your child won't want to miss out!

Save money with tuition discounts if you have more than one child. Call us to know more about our discounts and offers.

Age appropriate activities and games for your child.



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