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The JLDH Board of Directors and staff feel that a developmentally appropriate program of high quality should be available to all children and their families. Such a program should provide activities for each child, based on his or her age and developmental level, and should be tailored to meet the needs of the child rather than expecting the child to adjust to the demands of a specific program.


It is important that the knowledge of growth and development must be applied to program practices and that the staff should be responsive to individual differences. Children’s play is important to intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth.


We recognize the importance of adults as role models of acceptable behavior. Children begin to pattern their own ways of acting and reacting after the adults they are with each day. We believe that the program staff should explore values that promote a sense of self-worth and respect for the child’s own rights as well as the rights of others.


We feel this can best be done by providing an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, and understanding in a safe, nurturing environment. We feel that it is important to develop a program which is sensitive to the needs of children and responsive to the concerns of their family.

About Jennings-Lyon, A Learning Center

Jennings-Lyon, A Learning Center is established as a not-for-profit corporation to maintain and develop the charitable intent as given in the will of Mrs. J. Edith Lyon. The Sheridan United Methodist Church, as Court appointed trustee of the J. Edith Lyon Trust, selects a Volunteer Board of Directors to operate the center.


The Board hires a Director of JL to oversee the daily operations of the programs. Although JL is affiliated with the Sheridan United Methodist Church, religious doctrine is not included in the curriculum. However, Christian values are used in the program.

A licensed learning center for your child

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