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Our well-rounded preschool program provides your child with a chance to explore and learn firsthand. Your child will be able to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Allowing your child to explore is important to development.



• Full-time or part-time services

• Socialization skills

• Developing motor skills

• Variety of educational concepts

• Structured learning

• Preschool readiness skills

• Interactive circle time

A well-rounded preschool program

Extended preschool care includes concrete, hands-on experiences in "units" to help your child extend knowledge. Learning experiences will include many concepts, including arts, music, science, math and motor skills.


Preschool with extended services includes nap time for your child. We will always alternate quiet times with active times in the daily schedule.

Extended preschool care

Tuition discounts are available if you have more than one child to bring to the learning center.

Refer a friend to us! If they use our services for one month, you will reap the benefits! See Finders Fee.